Hillary's Record As Secretary Of State

In her four years as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton helped restore America’s leadership and standing in the world. Secretary Clinton worked tirelessly to revitalize American diplomacy and strengthen alliances by traveling nearly a million miles to meet with foreign leaders in 112 countries, more than any other Secretary of State in history. As America’s top diplomat, she spearheaded progress on some of our country’s most difficult national security challenges. Check out more examples of Hillary Clinton’s exemplary record as Secretary of State below.

Gaza Ceasefire

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton met with the regional leaders of Israel, Palestine, and Egypt to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. In a critical moment when hope for an end to the violence in Gaza seemed dead, Secretary Clinton made the case for returning calm to the region and ending the rocket attacks.

Osama bin Laden

As the junior Senator from New York during the attacks of 9/11, bringing Osama bin Laden to justice was personal for Hillary Clinton. As Secretary of State, she strongly supported the raid and played a role in planning the high-stakes operation. As NBC reported, “Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recommended an air strike with no forces on the ground.  CIA Director Panetta supported a raid by Special Forces and so did Secretary of State Clinton.”


As America’s top diplomat, she spearheaded progress on some of our country’s most difficult national security challenges. President Obama credited her and the State Department with helping to bring an end to the war in Iraq and beginning the transition for the end of the war in Afghanistan.

Hillary's Record On Income Opportunity

Throughout her life, Hillary Clinton has fought for income opportunity at the local, national and international level. She believes that no family, no child and no American should miss the opportunity for a better future because of the ills of income inequality.

Fighting to Raise the Minimum Wage

Throughout her Senate career, Hillary Clinton was a staunch supporter of increasing the minimum wage and voted repeatedly to protect it. She repeatedly introduced legislation to boost the minimum wage and tie it to future increases in Congressional salaries. She also was an original cosponsor of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 which sought to raise the minimum wage from $5.85 to $7.25.

Helping Out of Work Americans

Hillary Clinton knows that many working families go through difficult times, through no fault of their own. This is why she was a bipartisan leader in the Senate on fighting to extend emergency unemployment benefits.

Tax Cuts For The Middle Class

She also supported progressive tax policies that required everyone to pay their fair share. She opposed the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, and she supported a variety of middle-class tax cuts, including tax credits for student loan recipients, and keeping the tax cuts in place for those that make under $250,000 a year. Sen. Clinton has consistently voted against repealing the estate tax on millionaires, in 20012002, and 2006.

Hillary's Record: Modernizing the State Department

Secretary Clinton brought the State Department into the 21st Century by adapting it to address emerging threats and developing issues throughout the world. She strengthened the State Department’s efforts on counterterrorism and utilized the power of the internet to combat Al-Qaeda. As Secretary, she recognized the need for a durable energy security policy to prevent violence and conflict that arises from threats to energy resources. And Secretary Clinton revitalized the State Department to improve the economic outreach of America’s diplomats by creating new positions to carry out her vision of economic statecraft.


Secretary Clinton brought the State Department into the 21st Century by establishing the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications. The CSCC uses online tools to combat “terrorism and violent extremism, particularly Al-Qaeda and its affiliates.” She appointed the State Department’s first Coordinator for Cyber Issues to “more effectively advance the full range of U.S. interests in cyberspace.”


Secretary Clinton recognized the importance of energy security and helped create the Bureau of Energy Resources to protect our energy infrastructure and influence how nations move to cleaner fuel. She also acknowledged how sustainable agriculture should play a central role in U.S. foreign policy due to its effect on violence and conflict.


To fulfill her vision of economic statecraft and strengthen how diplomats utilize economic resources, Secretary Clinton appointed the first ever Chief Economist and created a new under secretariat for economic growth, energy, and environment. As part of her effort to create “make the State Department more efficient, transparent, and effective” she appointed the first ever Deputy Secretary for Resources and Management.

Hillary's Record on Russia

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton worked hard to advance America's interests around the world, even when situations were challenging. Secretary Clinton successfully secured Russia’s cooperation to combat terrorism in Afghanistan, worked with Russia to secure critical sanctions against Iran, and oversaw the passage and enactment of the New START Treaty.

New START Treaty

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton played an integral role in the New START treaty with Russia, which reduced American and Russian nuclear arsenals to their lowest points in 50 years. Secretary Clinton  played an active role in reaching a missile reduction agreement with Russia, working to push it through the Senate and securing more than the necessary two-thirds majority. She entered the treaty into force in Munich with her Russian counterpart. As a result of the treaty’s passage, there will be fewer nuclear missile launchers. Simply put, because of Secretary Clinton, the world is a safer place.


Secretary Clinton worked successfully to secure Russia’s cooperation in anti-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan, reaching a historic “lethal transit” agreement, allowing U.S. military planes to transport lethal materials over Russia to Afghanistan.

Iran Sanctions

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, built and maintained a coalition to enact the toughest sanctions in Iran’s history. Even the Wall Street Journal editorial board noted that, “Clinton surely pulled out every stop to get Russia and particularly China…on board.” This powerful coalition forced Iran to the negotiating table and led to a temporary halt of the Iranian nuclear program.

Hillary's Record on China

Hillary Clinton’s record on foreign policy goes back even before her time as Secretary State. As First Lady of the United States, she was a forceful voice in China for human rights and women’s rights. As Senator, she fought to hold China accountable for its unfair trade practices that hurt American workers. Secretary Clinton also oversaw the shift in U.S. foreign policy known as the “pivot to Asia” which brought focus to strengthening economic ties and trade as well as standing up for democracy and human rights. Her record in China is one of consistently advocating for America’s interests and values.

Pivot To Asia

Hillary Clinton took office as Secretary of State when the United States was seen as being eclipsed by a rising China. She oversaw the shift in U.S. foreign policy known as the “pivot to Asia” which emphasized strengthening economic ties and trade with partners in Asia, such as China.

Fighting Unfair Trade Practices

As Senator, Hillary fought to hold China accountable for its unfair trade practices that hurt American workers. She repeatedly pushed federal agencies to defend the manufacturing industry from Chinese trade policies and she broke with some in her party to support taking a tougher stance against Chinese currency manipulation.

Human Rights

As First Lady, Hillary Clinton went to China and forcefully made the case that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights. In the years since her 1995 speech at the World Conference on Women in Beijing, she has remained steadfast in her dedication to women’s rights.

Hillary's Record on Children

Throughout her career, Hillary Clinton has been an advocate for children, focusing on children's health care, education, foster care and adoption – all of which have outcomes that directly impact children and their families. She understands the importance that the future of our children's well-being not only has on America, but the world.

"Too Small to Fail"

Many children who grow up in low-income families enter school with substantially smaller vocabularies than their classmates. And this disadvantage leads to further disparities in achievement and success over time. Researchers call it the “word gap.” That is why Hillary Clinton launched the “Too Small to Fail” partnership with Next Generation to improve young children’s lives.

Health Insurance

Hillary Clinton, as a U.S. Senator, worked to strengthen the Children's Health Insurance Program, which increased coverage for children in low income and working families, a program she helped create as First Lady.

Rx Drug Safety

As a Senator, Hillary Clinton  co-wrote a law to increase the safety of children's prescription drugs by making sure pharmaceutical companies conduct stringent pediatric trials.

Hillary's Record On Women's Issues

Hillary Clinton has been a champion for advancing equal opportunities for women and girls in America and around the globe, calling women’s empowerment "one of the great causes of my life.”

Family Planning

In the Senate, Hillary Clinton was a powerful advocate for women and was one of the original cosponsors of the Prevention First Act to increase access to family planning. As Senator, she was outspoken about preserving Roe v. Wade and worked to reduce the number of abortions by lowering the number of unwanted pregnancies.

Global Women’s Issues

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, elevated the cause of women’s rights to new heights. At the State Department, Clinton recognized women’s rights as a major foreign policy issue. It is, according to Newsweek, the area of “hardships faced by women and girls across the world–that her impact has been most profound.” Hillary appointed the first-ever Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues at the State Department to work on the human rights of women worldwide.

Economic Empowerment

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton advocated for the economic empowerment of women because she recognized it would lead to economic growth. She issued the first policy guide on promoting gender equality and expanding opportunities for women. Her vision of economic statecraft promoted women’s entrepreneurship and urged nations to remove barriers that keep women from participating in the global economy.

Hillary's Record on Immigration

Hillary Clinton has a strong record on immigration, including supporting comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act. She has also worked to extend health benefits to low-income immigrant children and to provide language and job training programs for immigrant workers.

Health Improvement Act

Hillary Clinton championed the Legal Immigrant Children's Health Improvement Act, which would give states the option to provide federally funded Medicaid and SCHIP benefits to low-income legal immigrant children and pregnant women.

Hillary's Record on Language and Job Skills

Hillary Clinton wrote the Access to Employment and English Acquisition Act to meet the growing demand for English language courses and other job skills.


Hillary Clinton has strongly supported comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act, which provides a path to citizenship through military service or higher education for children who were brought to the U.S. by their parents.